Welcome to TAPASU

The Main Objective of TAPASU is to promote high standards in the practice of Urology. and toassociate together in one corporate body all scientific personnel actively interested in the practice of Urology in the States of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.


TAPASU aims to be a premier professional association in India and represent the interests of practicing urologists and affiliated scientists of the region. It endeavours to form an active liaison between the Association of Southern Urologists, UROLOGY SOCIETY OF INDIA ,and other neighbouring state associations of urologists to promote education and training for mutual benefit. Promoting training for young urologists from India by awarding scholarships and recoginising research work, works of excellence in academics and clinical urology by the urologists in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with awards.
The Association conducts an annual conference and CMEs for helping urologists update their knowledge and improve the quality of care to the patients. Asociation seeks to advocate the interest of the urologists of the region as well the interest of the patients needing urological care with policy makers and also to interact with other related professional associations such as the IMA for coordinated action in areas of mutual interest.


The TAPASU is composed of more than 500 members including urologists, residents and other professional and scientists in the field of urology and allied basic and clinical sciences predominantly from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. TAPASU provides a forum and networking for urologists of the region.

Membership benefits includes:

Scientific Meeting. An excellent scientific program is planned each year in the annual meeting of the Association August /September. Members get a discounted registration for this conference. In addition a mid-term CUE is held in April / May every year.

There are many awards and travel fellowships for members to encourage research and learning. During the annual conference of the society, TAPASU presents awards for papers presented in various categories. There are awards for best papers, best video and best poster and an award for the the winner of a uro-radiology quiz. One senior member each year, who has made outstanding contributions to the field of urology is recognised by awarding him/her the Dr. S.B. Umapathy Oration.

Membership – Fee: Rs 4000 (Only Life membership fee ; No Annual Membership)

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